Irene Emily
Graphic design for healers, life-coaches and conscious change-makers. Logo design, website design, course design, branding & collateral.

Unite the Tribe

I couldn't be more thrilled with how this eventuated - this is where my work is truly purposeful in timely connections with the most powerful of people.

In the first phone call with Bridget, she expressed frustration of spending endless hours with design contest sites, overseas designers and illustrators who just didn't 'get' what she wanted.  She approached me with the intention of executing a logo worthy of the business she works so hard to build. 

Unite the Tribe creates workshop and retreat space for flowing conscious conversations, fun and creative activities.

As she spoke to me, I had envisaged, an organic, flowing entity made up of elements of this universe. The initial round of designs included x2 designs strictly following the brief guidelines, and a third design which had come as a visualisation to me during our conversation.

Bridget loved this third concept. While it was not exactly what she communicated that she wanted, she knew when she saw it that it was true for her. 

"Thank you so much for your beautiful designs and I appreciate how easy it was to work with you. I am totally in love with it."
- Bridget