The Mason Co.

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The Mason Co. is a duo of empowering speakers and content writers - sisters Rebecca and Veronica Mason.

A double personal brand. A clear and concise brief called for intelligent design of visual translation of their message: The magic in the everyday. Visual direction given as sophisticated, feminine and professional.

Integration of the sun and moon element in simplistic yet impactful application brings the elegance of natural element, with direction and clarity.

The Mason Co. have a message of empowerment. It is through our suffering where we can make truly golden opportunities for ourselves. This transformation is seamlessly represented through the juxtaposition of sun and moon.

The typeface and colour palette is supportive of the elegance, femininity, and grace the brand brings to their content.

The audience is given impression of the brand "This is a high-end, sophisticated, well-thought brand." Bringing reliability, trust and respect to their content.