5 Vital Steps Toward Self-Love

5 Vital Steps Toward Self-Love

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Self-love is not about staring at yourself in a mirror. Loving yourself is hard. It really is.

Why? Because many of us are hard on ourselves - we beat ourselves up.

Maybe you came off as foolish in an important meeting. Maybe you’ve hurt someone. Maybe there are continuous issues in your relationship.

Sometimes we find it hard to let go or forgive ourselves for something. And that is a hard thing to do. It is a hard thing to tell yourself that despite feeling shitty about doing or acting in this way, that we still respect ourselves. That we still love ourselves.

That’s why I’ve given this guide as a small nudge towards opening yourself up to self-love.

By the end of this book you’ll have a clear pathway to feeling that love and opening up to your true self! Don’t be scared; it’s a beautiful journey.

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"This is an insightful read, it provides tools to give you a new perspective on specific thought patterns, behaviours and actions. The exercises taught me to think from another perspective; identifying current thought patterns and behaviours that I have towards my own self-love and how I can build on them."  

- Ivanna