Website & Logo Design tailored and injected with your brand DNA 

Work with me for:

  • Logo design

  • Website design

  • Facebook page graphics

  • Facebook post and ad design

  • Landing page design

  • Workshop & event collateral

  • Worksheet & course document design

  • Flyers, posters & other promo prints

  • Brand style guides

  • Design strategy recommendations

  • Professional start-up business advice

Design for Speakers, Coaches & Conscious Change-Makers

Working with heart is where I find joy. If your business message is to heal, to help and to bring others to realisations, I am there with you! Making a perspective shifting impact on others is my purpose.

If I can help your business achieve this result, my purposefulness is fulfilled by working with you on yours. So, let's work together!

- Website design tailored to your existing or new logo. Website design is an extension of your logo and your users should feel themselves entering your unique world when visiting your site

- Spiritual Logo Design using combinations of outer direction, client energy, and intuition to create logo that speaks your unique DNA 

Spiritual Logo Design


Corporate Graphic Design

With 5 years experience in corporate studio, I have a natural knack for clean, bold, impactful and minimalistic design with substance. Check out my work on The Loop for more.

Visual design
I can’t tell you how many designers I have come across who just don’t ‘get’ it.
Irene has a unique skill to really understand the drivers and essence of a brand and translate this into an identity.
— Rebecca Mason, The Time Masons

I aim to create work which encompasses an overall fluidity, no matter the medium. Giving a continuous, genuine & lasting impression.

You need a graphic designer if

  • You've been using a DIY website builder for over 4 months

  • You want to connect with your clients on multiple levels

  • You're using graphics found on google to market your business

  • Your current logo feels dated

  • You'd like to expand your current business


You may have heard down the grape vine, that I have design agency experience.

Irene is very creative, goes above & beyond, and exceeds expectations.
— Jared Macquart, Maquart Marine