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Big-Picture Poll


Would you?

I'm in the process of writing some super juicy material and want to know if you'd be interested in it's juiciness.


Are you interested in self-help or psychology material?
Which of these book titles are you most likely to read?
Right now, which areas of your life do you feel the least happy with? (choose 2)
How well do you understand this sentence?
Why, primarily, do you to take 'time out'?
•• What exposure have you had to mental health issues?
Truthfully, how self-aware are you of your own emotions?
•• What interests you more?
How interested are you in Buddhist teachings?
•• If yes, do you feel a correlation between psychology and buddhist teachings?
Do you want to know about insights and worksheets related to this book via e-mail?
And lastly, your name!
And lastly, your name!