i-Next Solutions

Service Identification
Website content organisation, wireframe and sitemap
Website Design
Website Development

A company priding itself in future-thinking technologies.

How will we be interacting with tech in 20 years? i-Next Solutions has some idea.

Clean, simple, direct approach to UI honoured i-Next Solutions appeal to forward-thinkers.

Irene Emily and i-Next worked together using current content and discussion to create a vision statement for the company. Stated at the bottom, “Our vision is to enable a world of Smart Cities and Infrastructure”. This gives a clear indication of their big-picture, what difference they’re making and suggests the client work they’re most passionate about.

Irene Emily and i-Next Solutions worked together through discussion of ideal clients, target market, current client base and old website analysis to create a personalised, effective homepage wireframe. Communicating, in an instant, what i-Next Solutions stands to achieve and what services they implement to achieve it.

The i-Next Services page utilises accordion style drop-down interaction; saving page real-estate and page-scrolling from users, amplifying content hierarchy and interactivity. i-Next Solutions is built into the Squarespace CMS, logging in at their leisure, changing content as their business quickly evolves with the I.T. industry.