Spiritual Logo Design - Transmuting Energies to Visuals

Designing for spiritual businesses requires a knack!
Sensitivity, empathy and openness.
I exercise these the most when meeting or speaking to a client for the first time.

The beauty of Devine design is the art of making energy visible.
This is the enchanting task of a graphic designer for the spiritual community.  

Transmuting energy to visual design

When I first meet or speak to a client this is a really crucial time to soak and absorb in the energy they bring to the conversation. It’s important here for me to be very open and highly empathetic to receive the nuances in messages that create the unique being in front of me. 

When designing for Angelic Balance, Joanne emitted:
• Femininity & Gentleness
• Lightness
• Calmness
• Naturalness 

Spiritual logo design

Spiritual logo design

Can you feel how her design encompasses these energies?

When speaking with Bridget from Unite the Tribe, she emitted:
• Community passion
• Esoteric wisdom
• Unity in forces
• Harnessing

Spiritual logo design

Spiritual logo design


Can you feel this in her logo too? 😃 

While on the phone to Bridget my mind swirled with purple and blue colour schemes, abstract but somewhat defined objects, forming a shape while also creating a movement. Much like what she aims to do.

Conscious design requires a combination of intuitive reading, openness and physical listening. Then, exercising esoteric creativeness to convert these readings into visual design. 

Giving visibility to energies. 
Your logo is your visible energy!

Here’s a few other Spiritual Logo Design projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on. What a buzz! 

Spiritual graphic designer

Irene Emily is a Graphic Designer for healers, life-coaches and conscious change-makers.

Her life-long interest of inner-work gives her a unique understanding of the relationship between design and its audience. She thrives on empowerment and seeing transformation in others.

Underlying graphics with spiritual, self-exploration, Irene Emily exercises her gift of crafting Devine Design with some of the most well-known figures in the conscious community.