Tips for Spiritual Company names

Naming your business can be tricky. Consider these essential tips while choosing a spiritual company name!

Implementing spiritual logo design in the conscious space for 2 years, I have heard and resonated with many of you! 

Spiritual company names

Top 5 Tips for creating your spiritual company name:

  • Choose a name that empowers you and acts as a reminder for why you do what you do
  • Choose a name that reflects the nature of the business
  • Choose a name that your target audience can relate to or resonate with
  • The name should be no longer than 3 words (if you’re busting for more, consider a tagline!)
  • Easy to remember and spell (overly cryptic names can be confusing)

Get inspiration for your spiritual company name through:

  • Stories or angels relevant to your business
  • Crystal shapes, names or colours you resonate with in your business
  • Joining two relevant words - an adjective followed by a noun.
    For example: "Love-charged Coaching", "Kollected Kinesiology", or "Heart-based Healing"
    Helpful Hint: Repeating the same first letter of two words makes the name more memorable!
  • Use a thesaurus to help you think of words less commonly used (this will help with memorability too)

Your Spiritual Energetic Value

Spiritual company names
Consider the energetic value you bring to your clients. This may help you decide what feeling your business name should portray about you.

Some popular energies I’ve felt from my clients are:

  • Energetic
  • Ignited passion
  • Excitedness
  • Bright
  • Femininity
  • Gentleness
  • Lightness
  • Calmness
  • Naturalness
  • Peacefulness
  • Result-oriented
  • Directness
  • Transparency
  • Drive

Write your energetic values down and explore alternate words to the ones you've written using a thesaurus to help you. There may be a word in there that says, "use me!".

Helpful Hints for One-on-One Spiritual Services:

If you provide a personal, one-on-one service like Tarot Readings, or healing sessions for example, it is appropriate to consider your name or spirit name (for mash up of both!) for your business name. 

This can encompass the personal nature of your service and radiate this to your audience directly! 

If you’re a one-on-one service, try to avoid using the term “we” in your company descriptions. It's tempting to say "we are a healing business..." with the subconscious intention to feel established. But this can direct readers to the impression that you're a team of specialists rather than a specialist yourself!

To portray yourself as unique, personable and approachable, use direct, personal language. If the client is most likely going to have contact with you and only you, try saying “I” instead.
For example;
Instead of "We give you space to feel your true self”.
try; "I give you space to feel your true self”.

To Conclude

This business is likely going to be a big part of your life so this is an important task for you. But also fun and exciting! Have fun with is and be playful in the words you explore. There are no wrong answers here! Actually, the most impactful business names can be taken from the most absurd answers! Be brave, expand your wings and let's see what you've got!

Your main takeaways are:

  • Consider the energy or feeling you'd like to portray to your audience.
  • Expand on words you resonate with using a thesaurus
  • Keep it simple
  • Have fun with it!
  • Consider how this might look as a Spiritual logo design


Irene Emily is a Graphic Designer for healers, life-coaches and conscious change-makers.

Her life-long interest of inner-work gives her a unique understanding of the relationship between design and its audience. She thrives on empowerment and seeing transformation in others.

Underlying graphics with spiritual, self-exploration, Irene Emily exercises her gift of crafting Devine Design with some of the most well-known figures in the conscious community.