How to take advantage of a shitty life experience

Personal Brand Designer

Your past experience has a massive impact on your mindset; and ultimately, business direction! Especially for personal brands.

I have a massively challenging past experience under my belt which led me to reassess what's truly important in life. For all of us.

When you have to urgently fit all of your belongings in the space of a car (which won awards for being a "small-car") you tend to look at life with a wider lens.

Mainly questioning what makes us happy. What makes us resilient. And what is the actual point to all of this. 

Rewind further to my teenage years, where family hardships and difficult relationship dynamics pushed me to find solutions as a means of survival. Crush it or be crushed.

Those experiences taught me to push, change and adapt. But also the importance of sustaining understanding and compassion.

Now grab that imaginary video tape of my life and fast-forward it all the way to today. I dedicated the remainder of my life to empowering others.


Our life lessons give us purposefulness. 

You've undoubtedly had moments like this. That challenged you. That pushed you to be your ultimate self.

These experiences make or break you.

Scratch that. They MAKE you.

What has been your biggest, key experience in your life that’s provided the biggest learning for you?

What was your key learning? How has this shaped the way you see the world?

Speakers, authors and figures of change are conscious of the power within the story.

Your purposefulness, mission and drive is likely to stem from this space.

Uncover what REALLY drives you, communicate in your personal brand - it truly is a beautiful thing.