Brands Need a Beating Heart

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To connect deeply with an audience, a brand must have personality

People connect with people! 

Especially in the matter of a personal brand. I've seen countless personal brands who, in an effort to look professional and authoritative, strip out the personality of who they are and what makes them unique, in order to fulfil a role.

If you strip out what makes you, drill it down only to the service you provide and how great your product is, you miss opportunities to truly engage, endear, humour and enlighten your audience. This is the magic that builds engagement, relationship and long-term loyalty.

People connect with people.

This is the truly engaging potential of a personal brand. It is representing a person. Enrich and enliven the experience of interacting with a person and inject personality into your messaging.

Start by giving your brand a voice! What are its opinions, values, gender, tone and language?

Consider what role your brand plays with your audience. Is it the educator? (Great for market disruptors) Are you giving hard truths? (Awesome angle for coaches) Are you a good friend who spends time with them on Sunday afternoon? (Like a brand who sells meditation tracks). Your brand can be linked to experiences and relationships.   

Communicate your brands personality in your social posts and marketing campaigns to connect, engage and grow a long-lasting, loyal customer base.