Top 5 website tips for life-coaches to truly connect with clients


So, you have some compelling copy on your site, but is it being read? Do you have large amounts of text? Are you showing your face?

In each instance you’re not giving breathability to your content or that you’re making text difficult to read, you are losing that client. You are losing that lead. You are losing connection. What sells more than what you say is how you make people feel. Your words and the experience of being with you sells. It is your words, and how they are presented.

The users experience determines the connection.

That's why, I want to show you what a difference a well-designed website experience can have on the connection you have with your clients.

Here are my top 5 tips for you to ensuring your website is connecting with your clients on both a mental level and a visual level.

1. Show your face with confidence!

Your face is your biggest selling point! It is your service. So, let people see you. When they see how open you are physically you are likely to establish a strong ground for building further trust and connection.

The most natural way for us to read one another is by reading faces.

Before even listening to your words, your client must see you. It is this natural, chemical connection you make with them that is crucial to truly making an impact.


2. Readable font size

Small texts can lead to your users straining their eyes. It is incredibly frustrating to read important information while straining to read it as well. I’ve been there and it’s a terrible user experience.  

Make it easy for your potential clients to “sit” in your text. A foundation for connection is built when you give users a comfortable experience.

Opt for a larger text size to create that feeling of breathable space. Create visual, and mental space for your users. Reading large text creates ease and comfort, no matter what device they’re reading on. They’ll love you for it.

It is recommended that your body text is at least 11 point. If this seems too large, you may want to consider enlarging the other elements on your page as well. Message me for help.



3. Give lots of white space

To ensure your user is comfortable, give them space! White space is what gives your site a breathable environment. When a user is comfortable, they are open to a connection with you.

Giving ourselves plenty of mental space to reflect on our emotions, behaviours and actions is important. And your website environment should create this sense of space as well.

Which of these two sites do you feel most comfortable reading? (Click to enlarge)

Is your menu bar spaced out? The text should be at least 12 point with wide margins around items.

Have you left a comfortable amount of space between paragraphs? One finger space between paragraphs is generally a good guide for this.

Large blocks of text can give your website a heavy, burdensome feeling too; the next point is a trick to help you with that.


4. Break large texts

Make texts easily digestible by breaking paragraphs into smaller pieces. Your users may be taking time to process your words. If the information summons questioning and insights, ease them in by breaking paragraphs often.

User comfort leads to connection.

Here’s a blog page with and without the use of regular breaks. Which are you more drawn to read? (Click to enlarge)

Paragraph breaks are not the only way you can break text. Here are more ways to create space in large texts:

  • Pull quotes - This gives page-glancers a chance to pause.
  • Photography - This can be representational or abstract to support your message.
  • Page breaks - If it’s a long blog post you can split it into parts, 1 and 2.
  • Regular headings - Headings orientate your reader, gives mental pause and allows those skim-reading opportunities to intake.

Feature one of these breaks every 3-6 paragraphs in your large texts.


5. Utilise videos

The next best thing to being face-to-face with your client is showing them a video of what a real conversation with you would be like. This is the closest you get to establishing a genuine connection.

A video of you, addressing the user, communicates your openness. It allows your viewers to minimise any judgements they may have by seeing just your picture.

Take notice of your tone of voice and body language.

Are you natural and approachable?

Does your voice and body accurately project the content of what you’re talking about?

Go on, do a first take. I'd be happy to review it for you!


BONUS TIP: Use nature-based photography

It’s no secret that returning to nature is an effective way to get us back to calmness and clarity. Which is just what your want your clients to feel, right? Why not implement this strategy with your clients through your site?

Depicting images or graphics relating to nature will have a calming, connected affect.

Can you feel the difference it makes in these examples? (Click to enlarge)

You want them to know that this is what they will feel. You want them to know that you can emulate the feeling they get when they are in nature. It’s a small, subconscious connection I just love to throw in because it echoes what truly makes human beings feel whole.


Examples and Exercise

Have another look of the visual examples given in the tips above.

When you compare one site to the other, do you feel the difference in your experience?
How does the experience of your current site compare?

Consider; what changes can I make today, and this month that will improve my connection with people who see this page?

How does it look?

Let me know if you’d like any help or have any questions with these points, I’d love to chat with you, that's what I'm here for! Message me >


About the Author

Irene Emily is a Graphic Designer for healers, life-coaches and conscious change-makers.

Her life-long interest of inner-work gives her a unique understanding of the relationship between design and its audience.

She thrives on empowerment and seeing transformation in others.