Why money is not a good enough reason to stay in a job you hate


Do you value the life you have? Are you happy to be alive? Do you have passion for life?

It is a popular scenario. 
I've been in it. Most of us have.

I hate my job.
I am there for the money, and meh. It pays the bills.

See, it pays my rent. And it gives me enough to feed myself. It pays my debt. I've got some free spending there too. But that system relies on that paycheck. So the pay's gotta stays.

So… my miserable job's gotta stay, too.

Doesn't it?

When we are limited by our circumstance.
We become small.

Are you going to your job for the money?
If you are going to your job for the money, and you are getting paid for going, you should be happy. 
So if after getting paid, do you still hate it?

I did this. I was playing a little part in a big system I created. Who I was, was just a tool to keep the system going. I just had to suffer for 8 hours a day so I could play for 2 out of 7 days a week and do it all again until the end of time. Mondays sucked. No biggie.

I was limited by this system. I became small.

It's just the way it is. That's the way the world works.

Is it? Maybe.
Does it have to be?

Do you value money over your happiness?

I posed this question to myself for many years.
I was always telling myself to keep things in harmony around me. Colour within the lines.
Work hard, get money.
And hey, if you're totally cool with spending your life in that system, that's great. If there's no problem, don't change.

But for many, there is an internal thirst for meaningful work. There is an internal questioning of "Am I happy here?". There is a feeling that life satisfaction and happiness are one and the same. For many, there is a recognition that what we live now is what our life is.

If you do not feel alive at your job, it is ok to feel that way. Many of us do.
But be aware, that each day you're spending at that job, you are actually spending.

You are spending your life there. You're spending your life currency.
It is real.

Which currency is more important to you?

Do what makes you passionate! Do what makes you feel alive!
I'm gonna throw in the ol' life's too short. Because it really is.

You are a living human being!

Why do you do what you do?

Are you passionate about the work or the paycheck?

What it is that you are doing when you say "I'm so happy right now"?

Holidays are a great way for you to bring the bigger-picture into your everyday life. When was your last real holiday?

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