Want a holiday? Why satisfying your escapism is the best thing you could do for yourself


Because on your return
you tend to keep in mind
the bigger picture
of what you are all about.

You know when you're going on your merry way, day to day, kinda on auto-pilot. 

Then you get that feeling like, life is short and what am I doing with my life oh god what will I become I've done this day to day anyway so I'll just keep doing this till the feeling goes away.

Thats better.

Do you know what I'm talking about?

When we get comfortable in our circumstance and go on auto-pilot, we run a risk of losing sight of the bigger picture.

For example: Think of a time when you started a new relationship. Your mind tends to project ten years into the future. You start thinking of the reality your life might be like, to have this person in your life. Who they are and where it will take you. You're stepping back and assessing the relationship based on your bigger picture.

A few months getting comfortable in this relationship means that that expansive, bigger-picture diminishes. You grow accustom to the day to day and accept what it is today, tomorrow and next week.

When we become comfortable in a situation we focus on perfecting it. We fall into needs, should do's and comparing our circumstance to others. 

Your bigger-picture perspective begins to shrink. 

You don't think about where you'll be in ten years, as inspired as you used to be. It's become a kind of scary thought now. So you start planning.

You create an agenda.

And with all the competing and should-do thoughts, the agenda has pressure.


We experience the above scenario numerous times in our lives. This is exactly what I experienced with my business. 

Including the #cueholiday. 

Your mind kind of does this emergency seat ejection and says, "I need to get out of here, I need a break, no more please".

So I did. 
I went away to the blue mountains for 2 days.

When taking a holiday, you're not only taking a break from your environment, but also your way of thinking.

Have you noticed how your thought patterns change when looking out to the ocean?
A friend of mind has this kind of switch in her mind. Whenever she sees the ocean she will undoubtedly gaze out wistfully to the sea and ask a question like "Why is life so full of pain but also so wonderful?"

You know what I'm talking about.
That feeling is the same feeling that brings your mind to see the bigger-picture.

When we look at our lives in the bigger picture, our tasks are reordered. What we see as stressful yesterday, we see as so small and minute compared to the bigger questions. What do I want to do with my life? Our focus shifts from mundane everyday urgencies to important things on a large-scale. Like, where am I going?

On the return from my holiday, I came back to my desk to realise how tight, small and limited my thinking was before I left.

Something happens to you mentally, while you're away.
Do you remember returning from your last holiday? You feel refreshed, right?

But are you mistaking the refreshed for perspective?
It's not just about taking a break, it's about changing perspective.

In your new perspective you will see that what you do now holds a different kind of energy than before.

The funny thing about this is, when you are in the auto-pilot mode, you don't know it. You're not aware of your mentality changing. You're not aware of losing sight of the bigger picture. You can't help this, it is natural. It really does take a massive step back from your systems and agendas to see clearly what you are doing and if you are happy doing it. 

Something massive like a holiday.

I'm compiling a FREE Workbook for you to explore what's happening to your mind when you're on holiday and how you can reap the mental benefits of being there. Sign up using the form below to gain instant access when it becomes available. 

Why you do things is more important than what you do.

I hope that you read this post and are reminded of that amazing trip you had when you felt alive. I hope that you remember that feeling and bring it into whatever you are doing right now. Because that passion is exactly what life is about.

What is one of the strongest memories you have of feeling alive?

Where can you go tomorrow which makes you feel alive?

Further more, GO AND DO IT.

You won't regret it, I promise.

Step out and live before businessing a lot.


Want to feel more?

I'm writing an e-book on how to make the most of your holiday and how you can benefit from a change in perspective.