Where are you going and how are you getting there?


Let’s do a little exercise to light some fire under your butt.
By the end of this post you would have realised something about yourself.

Imagine a train. There aren’t any passengers. It doesn’t carry stock. Just the driver. 
On route there are pit stops. Maintenance. Resting the drivers eyes. Attending to ‘production capacity’. All things essential to ensuring it can complete the journey. So far you’re following, right?

There is no timetable. Time is not important. The only importance is on completing this journey.
The train metaphor can easily be related to our effectiveness and success as individuals.

Point A: Where you were, say, when you finished school. Because that’s when we become awake to the world. Think about where you were at point A. What you had planned for yourself. How you saw yourself as a person. This is your starting point. We’re thrust into the world without choice. We’re handed some responsibility about directing our lives. It’s a big deal. Point A is where your independent life begins.

Point B: Your destination. Your end result. Where you want to be. Point B is your everything. It is where you want to be. Its the perfect place. It is your happiness and success. Your spirit should warm and feel satisfied when thinking of being in Point B. Know it is attainable. See yourself there.
Point B is where you want to be. In all areas of your life that make up who you are. Where you want to be professionally: What is your ideal career position? 
What kind of mother/brother/father/sister: Do you hold them dear and treat them as you would yourself?
Where you want to be as a person: What kind of spirit do you want others to see in you?

The greatest thing about defining Point B is you now have a track to run on.

You’re ready to move.

Controlling the speed of your train

The train runs on your mental capacity and focus. 
It runs on the mental energy and focus you have to becoming what you’ve defined as Point B. Progress you make, in any amount, will move your train forward. 
There are times of low production and high production. When you are in low production, you are still making progress. You are moving slowly, but at a constant and stable speed. You can achieve low productivity in your family life, for example, by showing daily affection. Or in your career by organising your LinkedIn profile and generating contacts.

At times of high production, you will feel your train run at greater speed. For example: a high production moment in your career could be a 5 year mark at a workplace. Or a new qualification. With your spouse, you may have been presented with the opportunity to act with great sacrifice. 
High production does not necessarily mean you look busy. Or are busy. You can be busy but achieve very little. 
Increase your train speed by achieving high production.

There is greater potential to achieve high production when looking at your journey as a whole. If at the end of your achievement, you are able to see yourself at Point B clearer, you are in high production. Your low production moments will give you smaller feelings of satisfaction, which may even seem irrelevant at the time, but will still contribute to your journey.


Pitstops, refueling and side tracks

The pitstops are for you. They are your time. It is okay for your train to stop. It needs it. Maintenance. Kick your feet up for a while. When you’re ready to go, the drivers seat is ready for you.
There are times when our energies are temporarily lost in other endeavors. When you will need to refocus. ‘Refueling’ gives us a chance to remind ourselves what the purpose to our journey is. People around you come into play. We gain greater understanding and vision about where we are on our route. Refueling is a chance to realise the importance of interdependency. Success relies heavily on others. You’re not a great parent without a child. You don’t have a successful marriage without a partner. You don’t have a job without a customer or client.


How has your train been running as of late? At what speed?
Do you know where it's going?
Tell me your experience!

Begin with the end in mind.

See you at Point B.