Letting stress get the better of you?

IreneEmily Photography

IreneEmily Photography

When we stress and are in a panic, we are more willing to take risks.
Let me show you:

Just think about the word.
It’s a bad thing.
The nature of the word “Risk” is stress inducing.
Considering risks are a cause of stress.
So why do we take more risks when we are already stressed?

How many times have you been running late because you have lost your car keys. There is no way for you to get there without your keys in your hand and each second you spend trying to find them is another second you could be driving.
Or when you’re actually then very late, and driving, only to find that you’re cutting in front,changing those lanes a little too close, and speeding a ridiculous amount?
Don’t lie to yourself. I’ve been there too.

We are at least subconsciously aware that taking these risks may not even get us there at all.
but for some reason, we are prepared to take those risks. We are prepared to cut in front of the 8 tonne truck, for the chance of being a few minutes early.
Why does our brain think this is ok???

When stressed, our brains pay more attention to the positive outcome of a risk. 1

Let me add to that little graph up there:


Managing Yourself

This is quite easy.

That’s it.
That’s literally all you have to do.

Stopping and thinking allows the answer to come to us
instead of looking for it with force.

Your keys are where you left them last night, when you came in the back door instead of the front, and put them on the table outside.

And you know,
You knew this the whole time.


Further reading

(1) Stress Changes How People Make Decisions

Stress Affects Risk Taking Differently in Men and Women

This article is to say that
“Your level of risk taking is relative to the amount of stress you feel.”
Now imagine if this was in reverse.
Your level of stress is relative to the amount of risks you take.
Suggesting the RISK comes FIRST.
Do you know people who are prone to taking risks?
The ones who don’t think and just do.
Do they stress?
Who don’t think. And just do.

When was a time you just did something, without thinking?
How did you feel?
Feel free to share your story if you're brave enough!