A Social Media-Free Life

IreneEmily Photography

IreneEmily Photography

It’s now been 1 week since uninstalling the Facebook app from my phone.

There were no promises to “never sign-in again”. Only to apply a discipline without totally abandoning social connections.
I’ve visited my Facebook home page once a day.
Ordinarily, they’d get a good 8-10 visits per day from me. (not including the messenger app). We’re spending ridiculous amounts of living time on this. Check out these ridiculous results of Facebook time and visiting from the US.

Facebook had become a crutch for me. You were never really alone when you were on Facebook. Because you were reading about everyone else. Truth is, around 90% of your feed is uninteresting. You merely look at it because it’s there.

When you realise this, you actually see that you don’t enjoy it as much as you think you do.
This is when I stopped. I don’t enjoy it, but checking my notifications became a daily habit. A subconscious ego-massager. Not good for the soul, to say the least.

My recent sign-ins have only been to check messages. I felt no want or even slightest pull to check the news feed. Simply because I know I’m not interested.

To say you will find better things to do is an understatement.

I feel lighter. My phone is not my friend. I’m not glued to it when I’m on break.
I actually have a mental break. I’m mentally unwinding. There is no visual or mental pollution. I’m in the present moment. And that’s where you should be.

Don’t you miss the days before social networking became a thing? When you have nothing to do, you look for things to do. You became productive. You have greater mental awareness. Your mind isn’t relating every moment to how it can be shared online. You are living.

Facebook is not something you do in your spare time anymore. It’s become something to do. There is no break. There will be times when you had other things planned, but were left undone because you were on Facebook. There have been hours lost in sleep because you were on Facebook. Not doing anything productive. You can’t walk away from any Facebook sitting and say “I’m glad I did that”.

You say that when you do your taxes. You say that after a hard workout. After a good book. And when you go to bed early.
You do not say that after mulling over weekend photos or giving no shit’s about your acquaintances baby.

Facebook is not just unproductive, it’s counter-productive. It actually stops you from getting things done. When you are at this stage, you become dormant. And it’s time to pull the plug.

I cannot begin to describe the releasing of ball-and-chain feeling this can give you. I don’t want it back. I’m reading books again.
I’m thinking again.
I have greater mental capacity to achieve what I want.
Facebook is a limitation.
You are in control.
And it feels so damn good.

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What's the longest you've gone without Facebook? 

What were you doing during that time? 

How can you integrate healthy Facebook time into that sense of life you had?

Would love to hear your story!