What this is all about

IreneEmily Photography

IreneEmily Photography

Hey folks. 

Chances are you've stumbled on this page procrastinating.
Or just curious?

If you're sitting at your 9-5 work desk and reading this right now you are probably, in reality, just waiting to go home.

I just wanted to say HELLO. 
In this space I'll be genuinely sharing with you:

  • Reasonable internal dialogue when moving from the 9-5 job to a freelance job
  • Managing mental health and your work
  • Personal happiness
  • Career goals and their development
  • Manifesting time

Sounds like magic.
Yeh, I know. I can't believe I know what I know sometimes either. 

If you just wake-on-up your brain from that auto-pilot state for a second, give yourself a chance to appreciate what you already know a lot about. 
You will find that you have enough knowledge and wisdom to fill an entire blog with.

Share it with me.

Feel free to get lost in my following posts. 

Or if you actually are procrastinating, I would suggest you head over to the highly relatable and constructive WaitButWhy article on beating the procrastination monster and why he's there.