"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

IreneEmily Photography

IreneEmily Photography

Did you ever pry your eyes open to an alarm, and force yourself to get out of bed to start a work day which doesn't really excite you?

I'd like to show you why what you do is so different to why you do something. .

This perception shift has the power to realign, refocus, create momentum and give you a serious kick up the ass, so hold on tight.

Below are two perspectives of the same scenario.
Which would you prefer to live? Which one ARE you living?

You're a small business owner, focussing on what you're doing:

I've been researching all morning on how I can gain more attention to the work I'm doing. If I get more attention with my work, I'm more likely to gain clients out of it. Which means more money. So to get more clients, I need to meet targets. I should increase my followers on Instagram. A lot of the other companies have at least 500. How do I get more followers? My Facebook needs some too. Maybe if I post something people need, they'll like it and follow me and eventually somehow become a client of mine? How do I get money? I need clients.

This is the thought process of the agenda focus.

This is also you, living through the same scenario as above but with the focus on why you're doing it.

I love doing what I do. 
I know I should write today... but the project I worked on yesterday had amazing momentum, I'll continue with that. 
I know that if I'm good enough someone will notice. It's hard to ignore the passion for what I do and the right people will resonate with that.
I can do better today. I'm gonna to the best damn job of this anyone's ever seen. Cause I love doing it, it's impossible for me to fail!

This is doing with inspiration and passion.

At first this inspirational focus can all seem pretty juvenile. But maybe kids really are the answer. (Stay with me here...) 

Do you notice the difference in energy and feeling that the two scenarios have?
They're both an approach to the same work day.
But one is needful,
and the other is free.

"Oh, but Irene, you don't get it. Life is hard. I hate my job because I just do. I'm stuck there and that's just it."

Is it?

There's a great book all about this called "The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K".

Why are you getting out of bed for a life you hate?
I know it's tempting to say "because it pays the bills", but it's not about the money

If you are going to your job for the money, and you are getting paid for going, you should be happy.

So, if after getting paid... why do you still hate it?

Why should money be the reason you get up in the morning? Why should money be the reason you spend 80% of your brain power behind a desk? 8 hours of your entire day. 

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

Here's a great TedTalk to listen to given by Simon Sinek, (with 27 million views).

It was shared with me many years ago and it's one of those things that will consistently come to your mind in the most convenient of times.


Still think I'm crazy?

What are you certain will happen tomorrow?

What are you certain of what will happen in your career?

What can you put an 100% guarantee on in your life?

Did you imagine you would be where you are now, 5 years ago?

Really think about 5-year-ago you. What certainty did you have of your future then?

You may feel certainty of something to happen in your future, but we cannot state this as a fact. We cannot say that "this will happen".

If the future is random and without guarantee, then what is? The past? This moment right now?

Right now, this. This moment right now. Is the most certain thing in your life.

Take the "working a job to get money" example. Say you plan to work this job for 5 years, gain some skillset and watch the savings grow.

This is perfectly okay. If this is what gives you life satisfaction, this is ok.

Question yourself. Are you making an excuse? Does it give you a sense of guarantee/certainty?


Focusing on the money is a harder road, full of thorns and stress and anguish and bullshit you don't need in your life. It is a needful road. You are always in lack. You will always need more.

Focusing on why you are doing something is far more rewarding. Especially if the answer to "why are you doing this?" is; "because I love doing it".

How much of a part does money play in your role at work?

How heavily does money affect your decision making?

You may not feel like your money is controlling you when it is. We feel like if we control it enough, we wont lose it. Without knowing it is affecting our decision-making and ultimately our lives. It's a pretty genius illusion. 

Consider: How often do you consider the price tag of a product purchase before assessing its functionality?

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