Designing compelling brands from the unique DNA of thought-leaders and emerging public figures.

Live from the stage/my workspace

I re-built myself from the ground up at 24 years old (“all of my possessions shoved urgently in a small car” kind of ground-up) and my purpose, years afterwards is this.

It is in the excelling and flourishing of working with figures of change that I flourish. It is in my best interest that you succeed, as my success lies with yours.

For the brands I work with, I seek solutions, spaces and opportunity to excel your message. For those who dedicate their work to creating impactful change, I am dedicated to working with you.


Creative leader with a passion for empowerment

Irene has hosted and facilitated multiple events in the entrepreneurial and spiritual sectors to educate, inspire and drive social change. She discovered the power that Intuitive Creativity has to turn limiting beliefs into golden opportunities. And demonstrates and delivers this power through one-of-a-kind workshops within the Health & Wellness industry.

Creative speaker workshop

Irene thrives on empowering others and brings proactivity, initiative and excitement to a brand. She constantly strives to build distinctive brands for her clients which zig where others zag. She achieves this in her own endeavours, giving her ideal understanding of the challenges, successes and road-blocks ahead for the brands she builds for leaders of change.

Lock her into a common goal, share with her your vision and her dedication and commitment to brand success will be second to none.

Irene has a unique ability to understand the specific DNA of a brand and strategy so as to develop a killer design profile that resonates with the brands aspiration. 
— Rebecca Mason, The Time Masons
Irene was so thorough and passionate from day one - she made the whole design process seamless and an absolute joy. The final product was everything I could have hoped for and more and I feel so confident and proud to show my brand.
Irene Emily is a smart, savvy and an in-touch designer with a heart of gold who achieves incredible results.