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Irene Emily

'Breaking free' can be scary, exciting and challenging.

My experience with emotional manipulation in close relationships has given me strong interest in helping those in similar situations. To step-out and see a situation for what it truly is. 

You should not feel “stuck” or scared of someone close to you. Feeling stuck and scared is not what love feels like!

When I felt stuck and scared, I was so close and yet so far to discovering the beauty of life. 

Through emotional manipulation, we are held back from discovering the true beauty of being ourselves.

Experiencing this, my purpose has evolved into; wanting to help people realise their potential. There is a flower deep within us, ready to bloom. Even in the person with the darkest depths, it is there. Even the smallest of steps amount to the bloom of a soul. 

And I love being part of that - even if I can’t contribute to the journey directly.

That’s where you come in.

Whether you’re a chakra healer, yoga teacher, conscious author, mentor, life-coach, monastery or anything in between. If your purpose is to help the souls of others to bloom, I am right here to work with you.


Irene has a unique ability to understand the specific DNA of a brand and strategy so as to develop a killer design profile that resonates with the brands aspiration. 
— Rebecca Mason, The Time Masons

You need a graphic designer if

  • You've been using a DIY website builder for over 4 months
  • You want to connect with your clients on multiple levels
  • You're using graphics found on google to market your business (!)
  • Your current logo feels dated
  • You'd like to expand your current business

She did something that all good designers should do, but many don’t.
She listened, then asked questions and then listened some more. The end result is a card that makes me feel proud when I hand it out.
— Elisa Bartels, Ceramic Artist

If you don't know what your next step should be

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